Another old series ha suddenly gone out of print - why?

(Dorothee Rudolph) #1

Why has the old “12 Heroes” series suddenly gone out of print? I always assumed that it was a series with a limited print run. I do remember, that it did show how many percent of the free and the paid packs were sold out. Though, I think that at some point it had run out of free packs, but some weeks later there were free packs available again.

Today, when I wanted to open my daily free pack, it suddenly was out of print without any prior notice. I don’t believe that all the paid packs got sold out at the same day the free packs got sold out. So, why did you at NeonMob do this? Are you just going to let all the old series suddenly go out of print without telling us? Or will this only happen to series by “NeonMob Artists” as creators? I’m feeling grumpy right now and for me, such actions make NeonMob feel unreliable. Which of the old series will be set out of print next? I was still huning for a card of the “12 Heroes”! I would like to get an explanation for this, @sierra.

(Spooningbards) #2

Isn’t it one of the newer series with infinite prints? In the new system, series have unlimited prints, but will go out of print on a certain day. I thought this was common knowledge?

(JB) #3

@spooningbards, this set was released in July, before the update, and it had a set number of prints.
This happened with the first set of Rasterstache Bots too.
That set wasn’t even out of free packs and still had 25 of the 50 chase prints still in packs to pull.
For some reason it just suddenly went out of print.

We are trying to find out why some of the older sets - pre august 2016 update and with set print counts - are going out of print before they are fully pulled.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #4

It was an old series. I had started collecting it weeks before the system change. At some point before the system update I thought, that the series had gone out of free packs, but after the system change I noticed, that there were free packs available again. And it did have a limited amount of cards. I did check on how many percent of the free packs were sold out and it was in the 90-ish percent range. But it seems weird, that the free packs and the paid packs were sold out on the same day. I don’t believe that. I kept opening a free pack of this series each day.

(Hellivioze) #5

The only thing I can think of is copyright infringement but starting to get a bit worried. Really hoping for an answer soon on either of these sets. I see the other thread about Rasterstache Bots still doesn’t have an answer

(Dorothee Rudolph) #6

Maybe, but the artworks are still there. My guess is, that maybe the creator closed her / his account and told NeonMob to stop giving out packs of their series. I think, that series had a specific creator. Now it’s labeled to have been created by “various artists”. Well, it would be nice, if soneone from the staff like @sierra gave us an explanation. Hopefully she will find the time (and get the permission) to answer us…

(Dorothee Rudolph) #7

Hey @sierra, seeing how you commented on other forum threads, I’m still waiting for you to answer my question. Why has the “12 Heroes” series gone out of print out of the blue? I don’t believe that that series did run out of free and paid packs on the same day. So, what’s the reason? It was an old series with a limited print run. And if you reply to my thread, you might just as well reply to this series about another old series, that went out of print without any explanation:

The NeonMob staff wanted to communicate more…

(Castinbronze) #8

wow 26 days later and still no answer to your question. I see the staff at NM are still making communicating with their users a priority… :roll_eyes:

(Spooningbards) #9

I hoped communication would get better, but NM’s staff is just bad with communication. Sure, big things might be going on behind closed doors, but it’s still important to address issues with the community.

(Castinbronze) #10

Since Whitney left, they’ve demonstrated that they don’t really care to listen to the people who were the most active on their site. The “explanations” given for the changes when Sierra finally spoke up here in the forums were pure dodge, and gave credence to the prevailing speculations that the changes were made purely from a “maximum profit increase” point of view…forgetting that there would be no NM without the artists - period. The average person with half a brain is typically more interested in supporting an artist than a company that for all appearances doesn’t give a squeaky fart about them.

The current business model seems to be:

  1. hope they can attract enough new users each month who have no idea how much better the site used to be.
  2. hope those new users get caught up enough in collecting to spend a little money on the site before it occurs to them they are paying real money for images they wont actually own should NM fold; and their money would be better spent buying prints direct from the artists on Etsy or supporting them through Patreon.

Honestly, i wouldnt even be on the site anymore, but i have this compulsion to try to finish sets i already started. However, i’m only doing that for sets that still have free packs, and i haven’t started any new sets since November.

(Nick Barrett) #11

Wow. I know I don’t come here often enough. But I last chatted with @sierra and she said she was communicating… But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

(JB) #12

If you mean replying to about 5 posts a month then sure, she is “communicating”.

Even when she is tagged it really doesn’t seem to help. It is extremely disappointing.

Not sure how one manages a community when they don’t seem to want take part in it.

(Sierra) #13

Hi guys,

You are right. I haven’t been on here in way too long. I haven’t been a good community manager. In fact, I’ve been a terrible one and I apologize. I need to get better. I haven’t made the forums a priority and I need to change that. I could make excuses but I won’t bother. The point is I’m in the wrong and I just need to do better.

In response to your questions, the 12 Heroes series was fazed out due to a special case with the artist. This is the same circumstance for Rasterstache Bots as well. I realize it is confusing for you all when these things happen and you get no answer and I apologize about that. We as a company make these decisions on a case by case basis and not at random or to make things unfair or confusing. I’m not at liberty to discuss the circumstances that lead to why these series went of print, but I assure you it was done to be fair to all parties. We always try and work with our artists when special circumstances arise.

(Kararedwing) #14

I mean I think no one has a problem with not discussing all the details, but like… this is the same problem with EVERYTHING NeonMob has been doing since August. Lack of transparency. For this case, there needs to be a way to automatically communicate to collectors, “Sorry everyone, this series has gone out of print in accordance with the interests of the artist,” or something.similar. Don’t just do things and not tell the affected people it has been done until they start getting confused and angry about it. The lack of transparency and communication is a recurring issue at the company culture level that the Devs really need to work on as a matter of respect to the user base. Just because we’ve stopped complaining since the odds have improved doesn’t mean that everything that happened before and our negative feelings about it have been erased. And I know that’s not all on you, Sierra,and we are hoping to see more of you, since when you’re around you do answer the questions that would otherwise be ignored, and we appreciate that. But it seems like you are the only effective route to express things to the Devs right now.

(Sierra) #15

I totally hear where you are coming from and I think its a reasonable request to have a notification go out to our users when a series is changed or closed suddenly. I’m not sure how the mechanics work but I’ll put this one out to the developers. Thank you for the suggestion.

(JB) #16

Even if it was just an email, that would be something. But it would be really great if there was a note on the set page too for those that don’t get the email, or want to save them.

(Sierra) #17

It’s something I can suggest to the team. I’m not sure how difficult something like that would be to implement.

(JB) #18

Hopefully not too difficult - something similar to how we get emails for new series we like could work too, but maybe the place where you have pack information - i.e. the released/out of print section that used to also show # of packs claimed could be used for a small note.

Hope to hear back if anything will be done so we know what to look for!

On a side note - was there ever any talk about a 5 credit pack for the commons/uncommons so users have a way to buy those prints. Once again I have a series I bought packs for and I have all of the very rares, extremely rares and chases, but I had to work to trade for the commons and I still need have of the uncommons.

For us users that just want to support an artist and buy a bunch of prints, it is really frustrating that the only way to complete the set is to have to pull free packs for a few weeks just to get the “low end” pieces. Really makes it less motivating to buy more packs for a set knowing you can’t finish it - as some prints will never drop in the only purchase pack option we have.

Could we please have some feedback on that issue too @sierra? Thank you.

(Hellivioze) #19

There was a case where a series went out of print due to copyright. Pictures were changed and those who bought packs were refunded their credits. They were notified by email. Although the timing of the email was scattered with some getting it later than others, the email still went out. There is also the forums itself…