Android app when?

(Randasheagirl) #1

I find it odd that an IOS app is on the store and functioning, but development has “stopped” for an Android app. I use Android and love using Neonmob, but the mobile site is godawful to navigate and use. Is there any possibility for an Android app in the near future?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Probably not in the near future as we have shifted to improving the iOS and web experiences (including for mobile web). It is something we are definitely keeping in mind, but with our small team we had to make the hard choice to put Android development on hold in favor of our existing platforms. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Falconerd) #3

Understandable, time budgets are as important as money budgets. I’ll still throw my hat in the ring that I’d like an Android app. It would be nice to have a dedicated app rather than my current “permanent” tab in Chrome. Though I’d say that the mobile web version runs reasonable well, enough to open packs and respond to trades without trouble. For finding trades, I still wait until I’m at a PC with the screen real estate.

(Bethmora) #4

Me, too! I really want an android app, because I’d never ever use iOS, but am really busy. So an neonmob app would allow me to use neonmob much more then showing up just once a day for 5 minutes…

(Lonelee) #5

Guess you would be disappointed by the app. Several important things can only be done on web version so practically iOS users have to use the web version a lot…
For example you cannot trade using wish list feature (you cannot even put a print on wish list). You cannot see series only acquired by trade. No access to friend list or favorites.
However the animation for opening packs is fancy😬