AmourVortex, my first pro series

(Org4sm3) #1

Hi fellow collectors, i hang in the neonmob app for a while now, but this time i take my courage to propose you my first series. As a pixelartist, i love this aesthetic and the fun of pushing pixels.
Please take a look and don’t hesitate to give me any feebacks. Cheers.

(Ximuka) #2

Very impressive! I’m a huge fan of pixel art! I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous once you’re done with finishing up this series!
I may be a bit picky but it would be very cool if you add any sketches or your progress like WIP (work in progress) . It’s okay if you don’t want to but I’m pretty hyped now haha!

(Org4sm3) #3

Thanks! I think i have some wip sketches! good idea :]