All Milestones Reached!


Finally achieved all non-Series-specific Milestones today!
The last one I needed was the ‘Super No Thanks’ achievement.

How many more Milestones are you away from a complete set, and which do you think will take the longest?
Or, if you’ve also completed all your Milestones, which was the last one you needed before you finished?

(Nicodeamus) #2

Oooh congrats! I think I will also be waiting on my ‘Super No Thanks’ achievement, its hard to say no to trades especially when countering is an option ^^

I still need my Smithsonian achievement for hitting 10k cards as well, and would have it already if not for discarding but it’ll be fun to hit with mostly singles in my collection!

(Nick Barrett) #3

I can help offer trades that you can reject to help speed up the milestone unlock. If you wish. I can also help get you to 10k I have many many dupes of sets that I am either complete in collecting or are on my purge list.

Here is my account

(Nick Barrett) #4

Congrats! I always loved the site milestones.

(Nicodeamus) #5

Ooh I appreciate that! I’m okay with slowly working towards them, but ty for the offer o: