Add All To Wishlist Button

(ms.tree) #1

Button to add all cards in a series to Wishlist at once. (:

(Peopleschampion) #2

In my opinion, that’s what the option to “favourite a serie” should do, move every missing card to my wishlist.

(ms.tree) #3

That would also work!

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(Wyando) #4

Hm. I really differ to that. Favourite series are those I am actively collecting (and would prefer to trade within the same series) and wishlist hold the cards I am actively searching for (and would crosstrade with cards from another series).
That must not be the same cards, because, as long as I am able to open packs (up to 15-30 days before deadline) I rather try to get my chances before I crosstrade those with other series. (there may be exceptions).

(Lonelee) #5

I wait until I have at least one card and then open the series cards overview on my mobile safari browser and then its easy to tap the wishlist button for each when scrolling down. Takes only few seconds for most series. Does not work if you don’t own a card because then you cannot open this page and I find it quicker on mobile because the “buttons” are displayed permanently. Takes more time on my PC to do the same…:grimacing: