A problem I’ve noticed: Abandoned Voting Submissions

(Sima Seal4) #1

There are series which Creators have abandoned, or their creators have abandoned the site. My suggestion to fix this is:

If a series submitter has not been online for over a month, then their series submission will have a marker that says “Warning: This series submitter has not been on for x months.” If the submitter hasn’t been on for even longer, voting will be disabled until the series submitter has reached out and said they will continue working on it.

I’m just a little bit annoyed that I can’t see if a series I like is being worked on.


(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Don’t worry, I am working to address the overabundance of abandoned voting submissions as I know this detracts from people actually voting on anything. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Yrya Chan) #3

As an artist who works really hard to create my series in a timely manner, I totally agree with you @sima.seal4 !
As a general rule, I only offer a series for voting when I have at least half of the cards ready to go, and if I know I can make the entire series in less than 2 months.

I feel like 3 months should be a good deadline to complete a submission after it has been updated to “In Progress” status.

Just my 2 cents on this :slight_smile:

(Limikkin) #4

I am absolutely with @yrya.chan there.
3 months would be a good time. Or how about like a reminder each month that the series has been approved and the question if one is still interested in publishing. And after 3 months without response, it will be marked as abandoned or something.

I have published two series (one approved and one amateur series) and when I opened the voting for the non-amateur Serie, I had all the art finished already. So I just needed to wait and then fit the images into the correct size, write the texts and so on.

But it is really frustrating to vote on a serie, be hyped about it being approved and then nothing happens :frowning:

(Lonelee) #5

Of course its sad if a series will never be released but I see a lack of patience in todays world. 3 months? Honestly: its no problem to wait a year or even two for something worth waiting for. Maybe I should use the waiting time to create own art.:grimacing:

(Limikkin) #6

The problem is not waiting a bit longer. The problem is that one never know if the series will ever be finished. And if the artists shows up or checks back regularly and says that he is still working on the serie, there should be no problem in making the period longer. But if someone just disappears for months or even years. Well… (also, if people absolutely still want the serie to happen, I don’t see where the problem would be in putting it up for voting again if you come back after years).

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(Lonelee) #7

What does it change to know? If the artist still works on it then this does not tell you the release date. And if disappeared this does not mean never to come back. So at the end you have to wait - same as without knowing. :thinking:

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(Sima Seal4) #8

Case 1: we have someone who hasn’t been on the website for months. However, we don’t know if they’ve been on the website.

Case 2: We have 100% confirmation if they are working on a series or not.

While I do not agree with a 3 month “deadline” I think an indicator that a series you voted on is being worked on would be very useful.

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(Insert Disc 2) #9

Yeah I think 3 months is too tight. Some art takes ages to produce. Maybe an indicator that the artist hasn’t done anything with the series for a while after 3 months and disable voting after 5 or so. I agree and it’s frustrating not knowing if a series is being worked on.

(Yrya Chan) #10

I indicated a 3 months delay just as an idea, but I know very well it can be too tight for some artists, especially those working in traditional medium like oil.
I like the idea of a way for the artists to update themselves the progress they’ve made into the creation of their series though! This way people know they have not voted for a series “in vain”.

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(ms.tree) #11

I have been taking f o r e v e r on my latest series that is in progress. :unamused:
This is not the way I wanted it to go at all. I have certain personal issues that I deal with on a regular basis that make it slow-goings for me in general artistically, at least for the majority of the time, and getting things done on time has always been a struggle for me. >~< Added to which recently are big life-happenings that combined have made me all but creatively null & void. :unamused:

I would be super bummed out if my series got canceled because of this. I know I should have had it done by now. I know I should be working on it more than I am. But I just … can’t. /: I want to. I think about it constantly. Every day. But at the moment I am gone artistically.

I completely understand, though, the deadline request… I get it. And I do agree with a way to keep tabs on upcoming series’ if someone is interested in doing so. I’m not sure I agree with instituting deadlines, though. That would not motivate me, personally, as a creator, for one thing. If anything it would deter me. (But maybe that’s for the best, lol. Way things are going with me lately. :roll_eyes::sweat:) And as a collector I’m with @lonelee – what’s the rush? (:

As a side idea, what if there was a way to “pause” a series submission? Though that has potential to wind up doing more harm than good… but then at least interested followers/collectors would be alerted that it may take longer than they initially thought.

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(Sima Seal4) #12

Yeh, I don’t think there should be any sort of deadlines, just indicators that a series submission has been worked on recently. There’s only really one person who wanted actual deadlines, and I’m not sure if they still want them.

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(Seitler) #13

I think in most cases it’d be enough for me just to know the artist has been signed in on the site sometime in the past [x] days.

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