A completed series section

(Carebear1646) #1

Many times it gets annoying to look at the whole thing on the app/website when people ask what collections have completed because I can have multiple packs I am still working on as well - could we have a folder to move completed ones to so we don’t have so many in once place?

(JB) #2

it likely would be better to highlight or have an icon by the completed sets. trying to move them likely would mess up the code for trading.

Also, I like my whole collection in one place personally.

(Sherri Keller) #3

Any sorting feature would be very helpful.

I’m closing in on 30k cards and have over 100 sets beginning with the letters A-C alone. It can’t be pleasant for anyone looking to trade with me to look through my collection.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

These are great suggestions! I will make sure to take these to team and see if I can’t make a case for sorting in future updates. Keep those ideas comin’!

(Chimizu) #5

I fully agree with anything that would make sorting through (large) collections easier.

Dreaming big here because I know zero about coding, but icons for completed and/or unwanted sets AND only showing duplicates for completed sets (when looking at someone else’s collection) would be absolutely perfect. In that vein, being able to block specific sets from being offered as a whole sounds great.

I don’t mean something convoluted like, “Oh, I will only accept sets X, Y and Z for this particular one”, but more general and focused on cleaning up the list in a trade window. So, say, I don’t want set A, EVER, I’d just block it, and it wouldn’t even show up in someone’s trade offer window… if that makes sense.

Or just being able to remove completed sets from that list. Honestly, ANYTHING to be able to clean up / make it easier to make sense of collections, both your own and someone else’s. Again, I truly don’t know ANYTHING about coding and what is and is not possible, lol, so possibly I’m just throwing useless ideas out there :stuck_out_tongue: But I like dreaming, so, who knows.