500x Promo Code (Looking for information)

(Limikkin) #1


I just very recently got to finish and publish my first (non-amateur) serie and I am trying to advertise it whenever and wherever I can. Of course the Promo Code helps enormously. But now I got a question and a suggestion. (But maybe it is just me?)

I wonder: How do I find out if 500 people used the code and the next one to click on it does not get the promised free packs? I want to avoid people being sad or even disappointed, so I would love to change the links to normal ones leading to the serie in time.

Is there or will there be something like a warning above the promo code that it has been used up? (I probably have not reached that point yet.) And if something like this does not exist yet, maybe we could get something like that in the future?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

The personal redeem codes creators receive upon the launch of their series are active for 1 month from the time of series launch and limited to 500 redemption only. We also create an unlimited promo code (no limit on redemptions) that is active typically active for 2 months from the time of series release … you can find that in the forums or on our social pages. Your personal redeem code has been use 55 times so far and will expire on 4/4.

Joe @ NeonMob

(Limikkin) #3

Awesome. Thank you for the quick response and the information. I didn’t know that it is only active for one month. Making it even more special :slight_smile: