40K - Wishlist Give Away

(Nick Barrett) #1

I recently reached 40k prints. So I will be trying to give back and help people more. Post your profiles here with your updated ‘wishlist’ and I will try to help check a few off.

If you don’t know about the wishlist. Now can mark prints as ‘Wishlist’ and you appear closer to the top when someone is starting a trade with that print.

If I have a duplicate of something on your wishlist I will make a trade.

(JB) #2

I just hit 50K myself! I’ll keep an eye on this post in case I see something I can share.
All my wish list items are really hard or back in the day sets mostly. :expressionless:

Love the idea though :slight_smile:

(Loimprevisto) #3

I’m slowly working my way through my collection to fill out my wishlist… I’m just finishing off “P” alphabetically.

@silvermelowldy Has quite a few duplicates of cards on my wishlist! Send me a trade if I have anything you’re interested in…


Always on my best will to trade! [:

(VictorLizcano77) #5

Thanks for doing this! Any help appreciated.


Thank you so much for doing this - I’ll take a gander at wishlists as well! :heart:

(Mbannist) #7

https://www.neonmob.com/mbannist Thanks Nick

(Lelpop) #8

https://www.neonmob.com/lelpop Thanks

(Qazyn) #9

Bravo, Nick. I must be getting up there as well at some point. If you happen to have any on mine, shoot me an offer :slight_smile:

(Neon22) #10

Looking for some older ones. https://www.neonmob.com/neon22

(Thetoonwizard) #11

Thanks a lot for doing this! Not everything is on my wishlist yet… Main things that I need are on the bio of my account still :slight_smile:

(Dhlartist) #12

Pretty thoughtful, thanks! I’ll have to do this myself someday.

(Cl Scott) #13

dang that’s impressive and big up for giving back!

(Arcanamoon) #14

Congrats on 40k! Here’s a link to my profile. Everything on my wishlist is pretty low print count though.

(Peopleschampion) #15

The hardest thing is finding something you need.


(Nuri Abdur-Rauf) #16

Very nice of you!

(Nick Barrett) #17

no worries about helping me. its a give away!

(Sima Seal4) #18

C and Pugtato - Punny Foods
A lot of stuff from - Chirp & Daveys TTS
Really nice of you to do this :grinning:

(Astroasis) #19

Oh, this is so nice of you to do, Nick! :slight_smile: Would love some help if you have any prints I need - my Wishlist is fully stocked, haha :slight_smile:

(Astroasis) #20

Oh! Just noticed this is an old post that’s been bumped! Nevermind then <3