10/15 Web and iOS Feature Update

(Shawn) #1

Greetings friends,

We will be updating web (and iOS shortly) with features and improvements listed here. Additional details on the new features will be posted shortly and added to the help section of the site. We expect the update to take approximately 45 minutes and don’t anticipate an extensive interruption in site availability.

NeonMob Updates:

  • Favoriting Series (web): Collectors will now be able to favorite a series. Your favorite series can be viewed in a new tab in your Favorites.
  • Wishlist (web): Collectors will now be able to add a card you are seeking by clicking on the new “wishlist” icon on cards you don’t currently own. You Wishlist will be available on a new tab in your Favorites. Once you receive a card on your wishlist, it will automatically be removed from your wishlist.
  • Icon Bar: new design on both series and cards graphics.
  • Owners and Seekers toggle will now be available on the trade partner selector screen.
  • The filter bar on your collection page has been fixed, so filters work independently and can be combined.
  • Icons have been redesigned throughout the site
  • Milestones will now reveal when received on iOS
  • The Streaks screen has been redesigned on iOS to match web
  • An issue related to creator royalties has been addressed
  • Bug related to flickering tips on-hover fixed

As always, please reach out with any questions or comments. As stated above, @vagrantscout and I will provide more context specific to favoriting and wishlist but happy to discuss any topics.

Happy collecting!

(Jgiraffe) #2

Any plans to let people see our favorited series on the trading page? It would be very helpful for those of us who don’t want to go through a hundred sets and wishlist each individual card we are looking for!

Love the changes so far!

(Nicodeamus) #3

Thank you so much for the continued updates. I am enjoying the new favorite/wishlist features, and being able to switch between Owners and Seekers! This was a big fix for trading.

(Tabiyume) #4

These are excellent updates! I’m so excited!

(Shawn) #5

Yep! We plan to include a filter for favorite series and wishlist items in the revised trading page. Seekers with specific cards on their wishlist will be prioritized in the trade partner screen, as well.

Eventually, we will introduce a “trade feed” to include suggested trades. Favorited series, favorited cards, and your wishlist (among other criteria) will be included in how a trade will be suggested.

(Jgiraffe) #6

I look forward to the implementation of these features! Another idea I had today is to make it possible to sort our wishlist by set in addition to the current default of being sorted by newest added. I personally have cards from the same set scattered throughout the wishlist and it would be very helpful to get them grouped into one place for easy access when I go to trade for them.

(Nick Barrett) #7

Can not wait to see this happen!

NeonMob has been doing an amazing job improving the site and experience!